About Us

Primary Objective:

We are buyers, sellers, traders, consignors, and collectors of rare and high end sports cards.  Buynicecards.com was created with the idea in mind of building a website that is easy to use and looks great with focus of showcasing high end sports cards in a proper manner.  The site will allow us and others to show as many of our cards that we choose and allow us to display them in the manner that works best for us.  


Individual Card Pricing Options:

As collectors we all know that there are some cards that we prize more than others.  With that in mind we came up with a model that allows us to list our cards in several different ways depending on how we might want to offer an individual card to the market.  There are 4 listing options which are explained below:


For Sale or trade with price:  

For the  card you are interesting in posting with a price and interesting in the possibilities of selling it or trading it

For Trade only with price:

For the card you are interested in showing a price with but only open to trading it and not interested in selling it outright

For trade only without price:

For the card you are open to the possibilities of trading, but would prefer not to list a price

Not for sale or trade:

Want to show off your favorite card to world without any intention of selling or trade it?  We would love to see it and have created this option for those special cards. 



Interesting in showcasing you cards on BuyNiceCards.com?  We would love to help you.  We have some different options depending on your goals and consign at competitive rates.   If you are looking to get maximum exposure to your card or cards we can showcase it for your over several selling platforms to give it the best chance to sell.  For more information on listing cards or consigning them contact us here.

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