Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is there a card showing in stock on web site but is not able to be purchase?

Part of the idea behind BuyNiceCards.com is to have a more dynamic way for collectors to display their cards in a way that works for them versus some of the more tradtional ways of listing cards online.  With this in mind we have devloped the following pricing model for out site:

For Sale or trade with price:  

For the card you are interesting in posting with a price and interesting in the possibilities of selling it or trading it

For Trade only with price:

For the card you are interested in showing a price with but only open to trading it and not interested in selling it outright

For trade only without price:

For card you are open to the possibilities of potentially trading for the right piece but would prefer not to list a price

Not for sale or trade:

Want to show off your favorite card to world without any intention of selling or trade it?  We would love to see it and have created this option for those special cards. 


Is BuyNiceCards.com interested in buying cards and collections?

Absolutely, that is why we chose out name!


Can I sell my cards on BuyNiceCards.com?

Yes you can.  We have different options depending on your goals and consign at competitive rates.  In effort to gain maximum exposure to your cards we can showcase it for your over several selling platforms to give it the best chance to sell.  If you would like to find our more about this option please contact us.


How Do I pay for a card that I would like to purchase?

Our shopping cart is setup with paypal so if you find a card you would to buy you can add it to the shopping the cart, checkout and paypal with paypal.  If You make an offer on a card and it is accpeted we can send you a paypal invoice.


What is the scratch free guarantee?

We offer a scratch free guarantee on graded card holders.  If you receive a graded card and the holder has been scratched or chipped please contact notify us of the damage upon receipt of the card and can facilitate a return for a full refund.


Can I Make offer?

We are always open to hearing resonable offers, you can make an offer on card buy hitting the make offer button and submitting your offer.


How do I made a trade?

We love trading!  Cards being offered for trade will have a trade offer button, there is also a feature that allows you to attached images of the cards that you are interested in trading or selling.


I received my card and I am not happy with it or the case is scrathed or damaged, what do I do?

If there is any issue with your card upon receipt please contact right away to notify us of the situation.  We will cover the shipping cost to return the card and issue a full refund upon receipt of the card in proper order.  We offer a scratch free guarantee so if you receive a graded card with damage to the case you can return it for a full refund within 14 days from the date of purchase.


Do you offer any type of finanacing or payment options that would allow to purchase a card and pay for it over an period of time?

Yes we do, please contact us to inquire about this option







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